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About Ash

Ash graduated from Fordham University's MSW program in May of 2020. She earned a BA in Narrative Studies and Creative Writing with a minor in Nutrition Studies from the University of Southern California in 2016.

They have been working clinically with eating disorders for three years and in human services for almost a decade. They are currently accruing their hours for clinical licensure while working under highly skilled and resourced supervisors specializing in complex eating disorder work and healing from trauma. They believe strongly in the power of telling our stories, and bring much of their literary background into their clinical work.​

Ash is a proudly fat, queer, and Jewish human who brings much of their personal experience within these intersections to her therapeutic work. Ash is also a creative human, specifically enjoying illustrating and creating educational and artistic content around mental health, Jewish identity, and fat-equity advocacy. They use both they and she pronouns.