Writing Workshops

I earned my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California in Creative Writing and Narrative Studies. I have always loves words and have spent my life writing personal essays on my mental health, my relationship with food and my body, and more. I also have extensive experience with analytical and technical writing as well as general copy-editing.

Writing workshops are hands down my favorite way to develop an idea—and an excellent piece of writing—with a client. If you’re looking for someone to bounce your ideas off of, to help you develop concepts that you want to write about, to clarify writing ideas and help you get words on the page, or for a fresh set of eyes on older writing, I am ready to work with you!

Single 30-minute Workshop


This workshop is ideal for a client who already has their writing completed and is looking for an outside perspective and read through. I will give notes, editing and organizational suggestion, and work with you as we integrate my comments into your existing piece. 

Single 60-minute Workshop


This workshop gives us more time to work on a less-developed writing project. If you have most of your content on the page but need some help getting to the finish line, this workshop is perfect for you. Other clients might find these 60 minutes most helpful for fleshing out writing topics and clarifying your content focus. Whichever path you choose, we will work together to create a blog post, essay, or personal piece that you can share with pride.


Three 60-minute Workshops (10% off Bundle)


If you want to work on a piece in a more long-term fashion, a workshop package is for you! By working together for a longer period of time, we can start an essay from the ground up and complete it together. Some clients prefer to come to me with their writing seeds, and we then work together to create a full, blooming piece of art. This package is also ideal for clients who want continued support in their writing. Plus, you get 10% off my services!