Doing Intuitive Eating When You Still Want Weight Loss

“Fears of weight gain lead some people to turn intuitive eating into another diet.” – Erica Leon

Chasing after weight loss will only derail your food peace efforts.

Desire for weight loss is SO normal in our society, and fear of weight gain is completely understandable. We’re steeped in fatphobia, and we live in a culture where people are systemically discriminated against because of their size. It makes sense that you don’t want to be fat!

Be here’s the thing… fatness isn’t actually bad! We live in a world that perpetuates this falsehood, and we need to do the hard work to debunk this myth on a societal level. But before we do that, we need to put weight loss on the back burner for ourselves.

If we truly want to make peace with our bodies and with food, we have to put down our fight against fat.

Intuitive eating is a process that can result in weight gain, weight loss, or weight stabilization, and there is ZERO way to know which way your body will turn out! If you go into intuitive eating hoping it’ll make you skinny, it’ll prevent you from finding the healing you seek. Put the weight loss goal down. I get why you want it, I really do! But it has to be taken off of its pedestal, and the priority needs to be your mental wellness instead. Whatever happens with your body will happen, and eventually, if you really put in the work to find that peace, you may even come to a place where your size truly doesn’t matter to you anymore.

(originally published on Erica Leon’s Eat Live Nourish blog)