Ashley played a key role in my brand’s development and left an indelible imprint on our organizational structure.
— Jessamyn Stanley, Yoga Teacher

Ashley is the best! Her virtual assistance has been instrumental in helping me grow my business from a one-stressed-out-woman show to a much more professional and functional operation. She's super sharp, tech-savvy, and well versed in a wide range of different tools and skills needed to run an online business—and what she doesn’t know she’s generally able to figure out on her own, freeing me up to focus on the work I’m truly passionate about. She’s also a great writer and is fluent in the language and practice of Health At Every Size, intuitive eating, and social justice, which means I can trust her with sensitive tasks like corresponding with clients, managing my Facebook groups for online course participants, and even guest-hosting my podcast. I highly recommend Ashley for any support you need in your practice or business. 

— Christy Harrison, MPH, RD

“Ashley talks the talk and walks the walk of body acceptance.”

Ashley isn't just amazing because she knows her shit technically – like how to match your needs to an appropriate managing interface, which she's done for me many a time – but because she knows her shit conceptually. Ashley talks the talk and walks the walk of body acceptance, which allows her to support your work creatively and intellectually in ways that others can't. I would recommend Ashley, with confetti, to anyone working in the broad fields of wellness looking for an assistant with a social justice lens.

— Melissa A. Fabello, PhD

“Ashley is a must-have hire.”

Ashley has been an invaluable asset to my business. As a Health At Every Size (R) practicing psychologist, it is so important that the people working with me not only understand HAES (R) on a superficial level, but embrace and live the concepts as passionately as I do. It can be scary to outsource work to someone else and trust them with your brand. Not only do I 100% trust that Ashley will get the messaging right and my content will be free of weight-stigma and bias, she also keeps me in check to make sure my content is as inclusive as possible. If you are a HAES business large or small or a business looking to become more HAES (R) aligned and inclusive, Ashley is a must have hire.

— Alexis Conason, PsyD

I highly recommend Ashley Seruya! She needs little direction and keeps up with my chaos to keep things running smoothly.

— Julie Duffy Dillon, RD and PCOS Specialist

“I originally hired Ashley to do social media marketing and administrative work for my psychotherapy and yoga businesses. I was looking for help with concrete tasks, but I got much more than that. Ashley's intelligence, passion, and skilled critical analysis helped me to develop my businesses and professional mission. Ashley created visual and written online marketing content and managed my email inboxes for me. She also held me accountable to my business goals and helped me navigate the challenges of self-employment in an organized, professional, marketing-savvy manner. I recently returned to work after an extended maternity leave and have hired Ashley again. In hindsight, I realize that her writing and feedback are what helped me to refine and consolidate my ideas and brand over the past several years. I can't recommend Ashley's services enough.

— Lauren Minear, LCSW

She's a powerhouse — so capable AND very knowledgable about HAES!.”

— Meredith Noble, Certified Body Trust Provider

“Ashley is my angel. She keeps my brain from spinning out of control with all the thoughts I have, and helps me write them coherently! She is a huge asset to my work, and the entire HAES community. I have only superlatives to say..If you need help, she's your gal.”

— Erica Leon, RD