Virtual Support for all of Your Small Business Needs

Virtual Administrative Assistant | Virtual Business Manager | Content Creator

As a virtual administrative assistant and business manager, I help clients of all backgrounds manage their small business and social media presence. Whatever you need to get off of your plate so that you can dive into bigger and better things—that’s what I take on so that you don’t have to. From general email inbox help all the way to creative photoshoot direction, my background, expertise, and experience is extensive.

My specialty is supporting health professionals in the Health at Every Size field to keep their brand on-message. Navigating within social justice spaces is difficult, and knowing what language to use is essential to keeping your message safe and clear for your audience. If you’re a weight-inclusive professional looking for support, I’m here to help!



Health at Every Size

Body Liberation

Intuitive Eating

Intersectional Feminism

Eating Disorder Recovery

Social Justice



Professionals I have worked with include:

Christy Harrison, nutrition therapist, podcaster, and intuitive eating counselor

Melissa A. Fabello, writer and educator, PhD in Sexuality

Jessamyn Stanley, international yoga instructor and body-positive icon

Lauren Ezell Minear, licensed social worker and yoga therapist

Julie Duffy Dillon, registered dietitian and podcaster

Jennifer McGurk, eating disorder dietitian

Erica Leon, dietitian and intuitive eating specialist

Dawn Serra, body-positive sex coach