Entering the Anti-Diet space and want to ensure that your practice is Health at Every Size aligned and size-inclusive?

This world is not safe for fat people, period. Part of this is due to the fact that most businesses do not consider fat bodies when developing their policies, approaches, or mission statements. Whether you are a single-person business or a larger team, educating yourselves on HAES and being weight-inclusive in your business practices is essential to creating a safe and supportive company for all of your employees and for the people that you serve. This is particularly relevant if your business works within the healthcare sphere, as this is an area in which larger-bodied people are particularly vulnerable.


Single 30-minute Consultation Session


This consultation option is perfect for small business owners or individuals who are looking for a breakdown of HAES 101. During our time together we will discuss the basics of Health at Every Size, and I will provide you with relevant resources to continue your education and learning in this area!

Single 60-minute Consultation Session


If you’re looking for more in-depth information on Health at Every Size, this is the consulting option for you! During our hour together we will delve into the HAES paradigm, I will provide specific resources for your needs as a small business or individual, and we will go over any questions you have about your personal approach, and how to make it more HAES-aligned.


Three 60-minute Consultation Sessions (10% off Bundle)


Does your company or small business need a HAES-overhaul? This is the package for you! Not only will we go over the HAES paradigm and make sure that all of your questions about the framework and the relevant research are answered, but we will go  through your business practices and approaches and make changes to ensure that all of your branding and content is weight-inclusive. Making your business and services safe for fat people is so important, but not all of us know what that takes. With my guidance, you can be sure that you’ll have covered all of your bases. Plus, buying the package gets you a 10% discount on services!

Health at Every Size Staff Training

If you’re looking for someone to come and train your staff on HAES concepts, this is the perfect choice. Not only will I go over HAES’s core approaches and provide the resources that your staff will need as they continue to learn about weight-inclusive practice, but I will help your staff learn how to identify fatphobia and respond to clients struggling with weight stigma. This training will not only help ensure that your business is safe for fat individuals, but also give your staff the confidence to spread the HAES message and support clients in a non-stigmatizing manner.

Cost for this service is determined on a case-by-case basis.