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How do I become a Virtual Assistant (VA) or Virtual Business Manager (VBM)?

Are you looking for a way to work on your own time? Whether you are looking for side gigs to supplement your income or are tired of answering to superiors that don’t really care about your wellbeing as an employee, virtual work might be right for you!

There are many different kinds of virtual work out there, but my speciality is in Virtual Assistance and Virtual Business Management. These titles are broad on purpose, as they can entail many tasks. From clear-cut admin services, such as email management and client services, to creative project development, including brand concepts and content creation for social media, you make this career your own based on your specific interests, skills, and background.

The flexibility of this kind of position is one of its biggest perks, but it can also make it very difficult to break into without any guidance. In order to be successful in this line of work, you need to find your niche. You need to become an entrepreneur. You need to maximize the skills that you have and sell those skills to clients that they would most help. But figuring out your niche, your specific community contacts, and the skills that you already have that can fit into this job can feel overwhelming. That is where I come in!

I came to be a Virtual Assistant through a combination of luck, serendipity, and stone-cold nerve. I bungled my way until I came to a system that finally worked for me. In other words, I’ve done the leg work so that you don’t have to! If you’re trying to hone in on how exactly virtual work can fit into your life, or if you’re drawn to VA work but aren’t sure where to begin, I am ready to be your guide.

This guidance can include more general information (ie: How do I track my hours? How do I set my rate and invoice clients? How do I even get clients?) and can also delve into specifics related to who you are and what area you want to work in. I specialize in Health at Every Size and eating disorder recovery, and also have insight in topics related to mental health, general wellness, plus-size fashion, social justice, general health promotion, creative writing, and more!


Single 30-minute Consultation Session


A single 30-minute consultation is ideal for anyone still dipping their toes into the idea of becoming a VA or VB. This person may not have an ideal client or community yet, and may not even be sure what VA work is, but is interested to find out more and see how it might benefit their life. 

Single 60-minute Consultation Session


A single 60-minute consultation is ideal for clients ready to dig into the nitty-gritty of starting up a VA business. This client is ready to hit the ground running, and would like some support as they start out. If you have a niche in mind but aren’t sure how to break into it or a skillset ready but aren’t sure how to maximize it, this is the session for you!


Three 60-minute Consultation Sessions (10% off Bundle)


If you’re looking to build a business from the ground up, purchasing a package is a great way to make sure you do so with all the support you need while also getting a sweet discount! If you’re read to jump in feet-first and start your VA business, this is the package for you.