It astounds me when people take complex, intricate concepts about how different kinds of bodies move through the world on a systemic, collective level and turn it into an argument about “silencing” people in privileged bodies and an insistence that personal discomfort matters more than the violent, abusive reality of living in a marginalized body.

Thin privilege is a concept that fat activists have developed over years of personal and collective experience, gathered data, and a decades-long fight for fat folks to be treated the same as people in smaller bodies. Is it not about your individual experience with your body. It is not about whether or not you’ve ever looked in the mirror and hated your reflection. We’ve ALL experienced that. But we don’t all experience the way that fat people are treated in this world, because spoiler alert: unless you’re fat, you haven’t been there. 
Thin privilege is a demonstrable reality. It is something that fat folks have to contend with every single day. And it’s something that thin folks never have to consider. The next time a fat person calls you out for it, listen.

Thank you to everyone in my HAES community who extended extreme and compassionate labor on the interwebs these last 24 hours. Thank you for using your thin privilege to educate and inform, rather than plugging your ears and singing LALALALA <3 

What elements of thin privilege did I miss? Drop your thoughts below.