Today I turned 24.

Today I turned 24. I had a pretty good day. Here are some things I’ve learned this year:

Having positive memories to look back on is a new and wonderful thing. Thank you to all of the people in my life these last few years for helping me make them.

Gratitude is transformational. Gratitude has helped me shift in the most profound ways. Living life is easier since I began accepting and encouraging gratitude in my life.

Our understanding of how to set boundaries can only extend as far as our experience. Every new relationships brings with it new lessons in what boundaries can, should, and do look like. There is no end to that discovery.

It sometimes feels like we live on two parallel planes of existence, one that moves lightning fast, and the other that feels like it goes on forever.

Thinking you know everything means you know nothing.

I realized the other night that we all must learn how to love.

I will be bad at things. I will still be okay.

Your worth is not measured in your productivity.

Identifying as and coming to terms with the identity of someone who is chronically ill is a journey that takes a very, very long time.

Life is shades of grey, always.

Nuance. Nuance. Nuance.

All I can really do in this short life is spend it trying to find some kind of pleasure or satisfaction. So I’m going to do that.