The good-fatty-bad-fatty dichotomy

I don’t do this work so that only fat folks who perform health and wellness are treated with dignity and respect. All people, regardless of body size or health behaviors, are deserving of proper healthcare, equal access to spaces, equal pay, success in their careers, meaningful relationships, and more. A fat person shouldn’t have to justify their existence or their size by telling you that they eat “healthy” and have a regular movement practice. There are no qualifications or parameters to prove you’re worthy. .

Anyone who perpetuates the “good fatty” trope isn’t doing radical social-justice work. They’re just widening what is accepted under the status quo. And there is nothing liberating about perpetuating a system of exclusion simply because it now welcomes a few more people into its fold. .

Demand better from your fav activists. Watch out for healthism. Be cognizant of how your message excludes people based on cultural ideas of what is “good” and what is “bad.” Discern, discern, discern.