Post Pittsburg Shooting - Antisemitism in America

Today felt like shit. I’m mentally and emotionally exhausted. All I wanted to do was never get out of bed. I honestly haven’t felt that way since I’ve gotten my meds right. And settling into it was so, so tempting.

Instead, I tried to do something small. I tried to get some fresh air. I tried to put something on my body that I loved to remind myself that I am worthy. I tried, for a moment, to do something that I enjoy in a moment where I didn’t really have the energy to do much of anything.

It didn’t fix things. It didn’t change anything. It didn’t heal. But it did help me keep going. It gave me a moment where I felt like me again. A quiet, simple moment where my smile was genuine and my joy was real. And when I returned home, it didn’t feel quite as hard to sit down and do what needed to be done. And that is my victory for today.

We will keep going. We will survive. We will pull through. Even if it’s only through the ripples of history, stories that we pass on and tradition that runs through our veins. We will always be here. One way or another.